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There are many property management companies in Brisbane, however should choosing a property manager who has the investor or landlord, as well as the tenant’s interests in mind be a better choice? 

We think so…

About Paul Simpson

Combining 30 years of business experience, I am well equipped to assist with all your property needs. I have made it my goal to create a real estate experience that is painless and stress-free by keeping in close communication with all of our clients every step of the way. Now and in the future! I have built my career and reputation on the commitment to attention to detail and customer satisfaction.


My approach to marketing properties:

We tailor our marketing activity to attract the right tenants. Unlike many agencies we focus on delivering a quality service that is tailored to you and your property. Our business is based on the traditional values of building relationships and giving brilliant service.


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My approach to collecting rent and managing arrears:

Every precaution is taken to minimise tenants falling behind in their rent by carrying our daily checks on all tenant payments to ensure rents are kept up to date. Our tenancy arrears are also minimised by our thorough tenant selection criteria. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to rental arrears and have strict procedures in place should a tenant fall behind in their rent. Our primary focus is to ensure that our office reduces any loss of income to the property owner. In accordance with the law, our office will also issue the appropriate notices.

Considerations for my Investment Property

My approach to maintenance and repairs:

Maintenance matters are carried out in accordance with the property investor’s instructions. We only engage tradespeople who meet our office’s high standard. They must be licensed and they must have public liability insurance cover to protect you and your investment. Due to the volume of work carried out for us, we are in a position to negotiate a fair market price. You will be advised of any repairs necessary. All maintenance work carried out on your property is of a high standard. If at any time we are not satisfied with the quality of the workmanship we will instruct the tradespeople to rectify the problem immediately. The neglect of minor repairs will always lead to major (and more costly) repairs at a later date. At its worst, poor maintenance can cause a good tenant to leave. Our maintenance program will ensure that problems are rectified quickly at a fair market price.

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The Team

At AR Rentals, you get to deal with the Real Estate Agent, the Marketer and Rentals Manager all in one conversation. The benefit for you is that nothing can get lost in translation when your message gets passed from one department to the other.

Paul Simpson

Director, Real Estate Agency

Paul Simpson

Director, Sales & Marketing

Katie Keys AR Rentals Property Manager

Katie Keys

Property Manager

Paul Simpson

Director, Client Assets & Rentals

Katie started as an assistant property manager/receptionist at the age of 17. Since then she has worked in all aspects of Real Estate majority in Property Management.

After purchasing her first property at 21, she then managed this property herself after 12 months of residing in it. Furthermore managing her and her husband properties they have obtained over the years.

Now the proud mother of 2 little girls, she had taken a step back from full time property management but found that she missed working in the industry. She is now working part time for AR Rentals, working around her children and being engaged in a industry she is passionate about.

Katie is looking forward to assisting you with your property management needs.

There’s a specialist Team behind the scenes, however we make it easy for you by giving you one point of contact.

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